FIG Restaurant Captive’s Insurance Process

Our process is unique in that our captive is member-owned and specifically designed to benefit our clients bottom line. How does FIG accomplish this? We provide solutions for cost-efficient premium development, collaborative loss control and aggressive claims management.

Cost-Efficient Premium Development

The FIG Captive operates on a very low overhead with only 29% of premium costs going to pay for administrative costs, which leaves 71 cents of every dollar for claim or profit payments.
Unlike other traditional insurance companies, our unorthodox approach puts us ahead by providing our members more premium credits which go towards their revenue stream.

Other captives operate with 40% overhead. We operate at 29%. Other captives operate with 60% towards claims settlement and profit sharing. We operate at 71%.

Collaborative Loss Prevention

We work hard to prevent accidents and foresee risks. We hold claims specialists meetings two times each year to learn from each other’s successes and mistakes and continually strengthen our practices.

As a result, costs are driven down and losses are prevented. We understand that working diligently to stay ahead of loss keeps our network of members across the nation set up for collective success.

Aggressive Claims Management

Claims will happen no matter how much loss prevention is performed. When a claim does occur, you’ll have control over the claims process through a dedicated claims manager and national counsel.

FIG’s Restaurant Captive Process Works

Our unique process allows our members to see a reduction in premium costs and their share of premium credits rise. Our average rate of reduction is over 42% with our historical premium credits at $16.9 million (and growing).

Our captive insurance is a recipe for success for our restaurant managers across the nation. Our numbers don’t lie.