Take control of your risk management strategy. Convert your coverage from a money drain to a difference maker. Become a member of FIG—a foodservice insurance captive created, owned and managed by restaurant operators.

Are your Insurance Premiums being Influenced by External Market Conditions?

Are you receiving Restaurant Best Practices and Critical Peer Collaboration?

Are you Confident that your Claims are being Managed Aggressively and Efficiently?

Member-Owned, Restaurant Captive Insurance

Foodservice Insurance Group (FIG) provides comprehensive, member-owned insurance solutions for restaurants nationwide for over 15 years.


Years of Experience

An insurance captive is a unique insurance solution where the insurer is owned wholly by the insured(s). Insurance captives are created to cover a wide range of risks: any policy (like General Liability, Automobile and Workers’ Compensation insurance) another insurance company can provide, we can, too. FIG puts our members in control of their coverage and risks.

FIG is proudly owned by its members: restaurant operators across the nation that want more control over their premiums, manage their risks and reduce insurance cost through proactive loss control, aggressive claims management and peer collaboration.

We contract with the highest-caliber professionals with extensive restaurant industry experience. We empower our members to identify and prevent potential risks.

Become a member of FIG and take control of your risk management strategy. Feel confident you’re receiving restaurant best practices, your claims are being managed effectively, and your premiums aren’t going to rise from external market conditions.